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DCB Accessories

Sliver Hoops

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$15.00 USD
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$20.00 USD
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$15.00 USD

Silver Plated 6mm thick Hoops, earrings 2 inches wide medium size not heavy in weight. With engraved designs cuts in them. 


(Color of the jewelry may appear different in photos due to lighting when photos were taken. )


 Care and Cleaning instructions:


Remove the jewelry before doing physical activities, sports, working in construction and cleaning, which may compromise the finishing of their jewelry. Exposure to harsh chemicals and high temperatures may result in damaging of the products.

To clean use water and a small amount of neutral soap with the help of a soft toothbrush. You can soak the piece into the mix of water and soap for 5-10 minutes and wash the piece with running water. It is also important to dry the piece afterwards using a hair dryer and paper towel, Make sure that the piece is totally dry before using or storing it. Other polishing methods should not be used.