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Crowned King Bracelet

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$40.00 USD

Introducing the Crowned King Bracelet, a luxurious and versatile addition to any man's collection. Available in a 3-piece set, these bracelets come in stunning gold and silver finishes, perfect for elevating any outfit. Feel like royalty with our handcrafted and stylish designs.


Stones: Zircon stones 

Bead size: 8mm or less

Metal: Cooper 


Care instructions

Plated jewelry may last 6 months to 1 year or longer. Depending on natural body chemistry and care of the jewelry. 

Avoid hair products, moisture and, perfumes/ body spray and lotions from getting on the jewelry. Which may compromise the finishing of the jewelry. Exposure to harsh chemicals and high temperatures may result in damage of the products.


We recommend using a soft cloth to gently wipe off your jewelry to remove body oils. Store in a plastic ziploc bag to prevent exposure to air when not wearing your jewelry.